Family importer and producer for packaging systems

Marisan is a family business. With 3 decades of experience and knowledge, we are an undeniable expert in three domains: packaging material, labeling and attachments. In this way, Marisan wants to offer sustainable added value to producers, retailers and logistics players.

Thanks to our national and international network, we as a wholesaler are always up to date with the latest technologies and packaging trends. In a changing world, it is also extremely important to take into account the evolving public opinion about packaging material. By keeping a close eye on this and critically responding to it, we can always be of service to you with the most pragmatic and sustainable solution. From plastic packaging, paper packaging, carrier bags to shipping bags, we know everything about packaging systems and are happy to share our experience and expertise with you.

What is our Marisan way of work?


Our team of enthusiasts listens to your story.


Together we find the products and solutions that meet your needs and wishes.


You will receive a tailor-made offer without any obligation.


We start the production, follow up and keep you up to date.

After Sales

And after delivery, our team remains ready and you will enjoy our Marisan service.

Unburdening from A to Z

Our unique combination of packaging, labels and attachments gives you as  producer or retailer the opportunity to order various packaging products in one place, and to receive them in one batch or order.

Reliable quality

A constant pursuit of products of reliable quality, the selection of suppliers and careful quality control of the production process make Marisan a reliable partner.

Wide ecological range

Ecologically responsible packaging plays a central role at every company that wants to store or transport products. Our team helps you come to a correct solution, all according to the specific needs of your product.

Personal approach

Who doesn't want a label or carrier bag that stands out; and providing visual support, giving your product that little extra push? Well, our packaging is produced and delivered according to your needs.

Company chronology

Company chronology

1985: Creation as Marifré with packaging and textile activities.
1991: Breakdown of the packaging and textile activities, with a restart of the packaging branch under the name Marisan bvba.
1993: Moving from Ghent to Merelbeke.
1995: Marisan bvba grows and becomes Marisan nv.
2004: Establishment of sister company Etipac bvba with special focus on labeling and commercial packaging.
2008: Move to the current location with a triple storage capacity.
2013: Establishment office in Bochum - Germany
2017: Joining forces: Marisan and Etipac merge under the Marisan flag.
2019: Launching an interactive customer platform

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