Unprinted and printed tapes

Unprinted and printed tapes

In every company, adhesive tape is used, but each company has specific and different purposes for which they are used. Food companies, textile companies, logistics packers, companies in the chemical industry, you all use tape. But everyone has just that particular application that requires a specific tape.

At Marisan we can assist you in your choice and together select the product that is ideal for your packaging. These can be both blank tapes and printed tape to seal boxes, tape to seal boxes in a food-safe way, or to give a warning about the delicate contents of the package.

Printed tapes are also an ideal and low-cost means of highlighting your brand or company via the packaging! Every box or package that goes out the door carries your logo and increases your brand awareness. It is that small self-adhesive end piece to your communication!

Unprinted and printed tapes
Wrapping Foil

Hand wrapping film and machine rolls

You can turn to Marisan for labelling your product, attaching the label and packing it in a bag, cover or shipping bag. Once labeled and packaged, you also want to bring it to your customer in a neat and safe manner. For this you use our wrapping foil.

You will find all types of hand wrapping films in various widths and thicknesses, in transparent and black. Whatever you need:

  • Small hand rolls or handy wraps for individual boxes, tubes or products
  • 50cm wide stretch film to span a complete pallet.

If the volumes are larger and you use a winding device, we also have the right machine rolls for you, standard or extra pre-stretched for you. Let us know your brand and type of device, and we will propose the appropriate film.

Hand wrapping film and machine rolls
Label dispensers

Manual and semi-automatic Label dispensers

Once the labels have been printed and possibly rewound, you undoubtedly want to apply them to your products quickly and easily. For this we have 3 types of dispensers in the range:

  • Manual dispensers
  • Semi automatic dispensers
  • Dispensers for bottles and flasks

If you want to get completely mobile with sticking your labels on a roll, then our TOWA label dispensers are your solution. We import these as almost all materials directly from the manufacturer, so you are also welcome as a dealer for competitive resale rates.

For all our other dispensers we work together with Dispensa Matic, which for several decades has proven that consistent quality is not an empty concept.

For the purchase of your labels directly at your workstation you can choose from the budget-friendly manual dispensers, or the very fast and easy to operate semi-automatic devices. With the latter you can usually choose from both mechanical and optical sensors.

Our Bottle Matic is ready for all your bottles, straight or conical, round jars and containers. Set to just about any cylinder shape, you can get started in no time. Each label applied exactly at the same place, and up to several hundred labels per hour! That is also value for money.

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Label rewinders and unwinders

Label rewinders and unwinders

If you want to print larger batches of labels on a roll and neatly rewind, our rewinders are the ideal application. Let the printer and the rewinder do their work while you do your other tasks. Because of the built-in sensor, the rewinder feels the amount of tension that it must provide to deliver a nicely wound-up roll of labels. Some models have an extra tension arm to streamline the wrapping process even better.
The benefits at a glance:

  • Wrap each printed label back in clean and uniform rolls
  • Rewinders make label printing more effective and save a lot of time
  • Easy installation: attach the labels to the retractor and ready to start
  • Speed ​​up to 125 cm / sec to work with the fastest barcode printers

What if you want to print larger rolls of labels, than what your printer can handle? Then our label unwinders are ready for you. This way you can bypass the limited space in your printer and still process those large rolls of labels.

  • External roll input for more capacity of your barcode printer
  • Shortens downtime to replace label rolls, increases productivity
  • Accelerates up to 125 cm / sec to feed labels into the fastest barcode printers
  • Labelmate quality: 5 year limited warranty on all unwinders

Label rewinders and unwinders

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