Industrial attachment systems

The pneumatic attachment solutions from Avery Dennison built in by Marisan provide solutions to your packaging needs, regardless of the sector in which you operate. Production or packaging unit, from kitchen utensils over towels to broadloom carpet, there is an ecologically and economically responsible solution available to save on plastics, blisters and metal flames.

Our systems, each in their field of application, are environmentally friendly state-of-the-art solutions that combine simplicity and speed, with a visual net and presentable result. Every machine is assembled with the best European materials and parts. In this way our team guarantees a device that works and continues to work!

Below you will find the link to each of the various Avery modules that can be used for your product. Are you unable to solve it immediately? Then just give us a call.

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Product packaging influences brand perception!

Do you still use metal flames, twist ties or cable ties today? Then we can recommend a more consumer-friendly way to raise your brand and product to a different level through your packaging.

70% of consumers prefer product packaging that uses the Avery Dennison® IndES® Elastic Staple System®. They also indicated that this improves overall brand perception for them. **

Our Elastic Staple system ensures a better visuality of your product on your blister or header card. That while less packaging material is used, your shelf looks more attractive in the store rack, and offers a more positive consumer experience!

** Survey by My Take, an independent research organization, which interviewed consumers in August 2016 who have purchased kitchen utensils in the last 12 months.

Product packaging influences brand perception!
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