IndES Elastic Staple Fastening System

IndES packaging module: powered by Avery

Take your brand product to a higher level through our sustainable IndES packaging solutions.

This innovation in consumer goods fastening and packaging offers accelerated performance, greater appeal to consumers and greater durability over conventional fastening packages such as blisters, twist tie wraps and cable ties.

The unique design of the IndES system from Avery Dennison, implemented on the Marisan automations, protects items on flat card surfaces or multi-level card designs. With lengths of 15 mm to 150 mm, the strong, flexible staples span a wide range of product shapes and sizes.

The flexible system can be used as a stand-alone unit or integrated into the high volume packaging lines automated by Marisan.

IndES: The industrial jack-of-all-trades for your pneumatic packaging solution!

IndES: The industrial jack-of-all-trades for your pneumatic packaging solution!

The IndES attachment system offers you a lot of advantages on the traditional packaging:

  • It eliminates consumer-unfriendly metal clams or blister packs
  • Replaces difficult-to-use twist wires and cable ties
  • Lower the packaging cost price per unit
  • Is customer and environmentally friendly
  • Can be removed quickly and easily
  • Significantly reduces packaging waste

The most obvious applications are:

  • tool
  • toys
  • household items such as kitchen utensils
  • socks and gloves
  • towels
  • floor and doormats

It is the ideal replacement for all clams, blister packs, cable ties and twist straps. Quickly deployable, very flexible and greatly reducing labor costs. Our IndES applications guarantee very environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Indes R6 with safety lock

IndES R8 for mats and carpets

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