Marisan Loop Tagger Machines

Years we have tries to find a solution for automated loop attaching cards to products. And always we ran into practical and development issues. Until now!

We are proud to present out brand new range of Loop Tagger machines. With this tool you will be speeding up your loop tagging production with a factor 5 or more in comparison to the known classical manual loop attaching you were used to. 

From now on: Get that attachment job done, swift and easily!

Marisan Loop Tagger Machines

Loop those cards to your products, fast and carefree

Our brand new range of Loop Tagger machines will take your attachment care out of your hands. This easy to use, table top solution wil provide you a fast and easy solution for getting your cards onto your products.

Where in the past people tried to combine the Fasbanok or V-Tool in an automation, bumping in the known issues of combining air pressure and a plastic fragile tool, we have taken the development quite some steps further. With our fully metal constructed looping gun placed on a handy and place saving table top machine, you will now focuss on your packaging job, care free.

We have delveloped solutions for 1, 2 or even 3 cards to be looped to your product. So according to your specific needs you can chose between our;

  • Loop Tagger 0
  • Loop Tagger I
  • Loop Tagger II
  • Loop Tagger III

Cost and time saving is coming your way!


Loop those cards to your products, fast and carefree

How does your Loop Tagger work?

Launch price until June 30, 2023

Take advantage of the temporary discount!