Discover how Marisan can assist you with your stock management

Each company struggles with the same basic issue. What stock levels do I keep for which products and what will it cost?

Each company struggles with the same basic issue. What stock levels do I keep for which products and what will it cost?

Stock management is the practice of ordering, storing and managing inventory. It applies to any product that a company uses to produce its products or services, from raw materials to finished goods. In short, it’s about managing your product flow. Storage of goods costs money, so it’s important to stock items only for the minimal period of time needed. This way, you keep these costs as low as possible. On the other hand, you need to make sure that your level of inventories is high enough not to suffer from stock shortages. When you manage your stock properly, you can optimize the incoming and outgoing flow of goods!

Benefits of inventory management

Since many clients don’t have sufficient capacity in their own warehouse, they often rely on an external partner. We summarize below which advantages this outsourcing at the supplier’s brings you.

  • You rarely order too many goods so you don’t build up high stock levels and thus save on inventory costs
  • By setting the right priorities, the most important goods are always in stock
  • More satisfied customers because you can deliver the product at the right time needed
  • By building a good partnership with your supplier, you can create a competitive long term advantage

Marisan, your partner in stock management

Over the past decades, our team has built up the expertise to set up a stock system for the product mix of packaging solutions, labels and attachments, which helps to unburden our clients.

For starters, the combination of product (categories) that we carry was not chosen randomly. For some sectors, packaging and labels, supplemented by attachments, are an essential and coherent part of any production company, trading or stocking goods. You don’t want to focus on packaging products on a daily basis, but you nevertheless want to run out of those products at any time. Because we all know, no labels or packaging means no identification, shipment of goods, etc.…

Marisan has the capacity to keep buffer stocks of labels, bags, etc. which you only call off when needed, within the agreed period. If the stock levels of your product decrease, you will be notified by us that a new production may have to be started. Numbers and frequencies of productions are always scheduled in consultation and with your explicit approval. You the driver of your logistic car, and we take care of the execution.

Many companies from different sectors have already let us take care of the management of their packaging. You can safely put a part of your stock problem into the hands of our experienced team members. Together we can look at which products should always be available in certain quantities so you don’t run the risk of a depleted stock, without have to build up a huge stock yourself.

Marisan takes inventory management to the next level

Marisan takes inventory management to the next level

Would you like to be able to check your stock in a few clicks? You can! Thanks to our new online platform, you have 24/7 access to your information. In times when we depend heavier than before on online information and communication, any help that contributes to greater ease of use is a bonus. In addition to being able to consult your stock, you can also place orders, view your quotations and consult your order history to see which products you have already purchased from us.

Would you like more information on how we can assist you with your inventory management? Or do you, as an existing customer, want a login to quickly and easily consult your information? Contact us, we are glad to help!