Together we are building a sustainable future

Raw materials do not remain available forever and we are all responsible for that. At Marisan, we hold sustainability in high regard. That is why we’re always looking for new solutions and innovations that can make a difference. We bring alternatives that have less impact on the environment to the forefront as much as possible. In this way, together we can keep our ecological footprint low.

Marisan contributes to the circular economy

Marisan contributes to the circular economy

As a specialist in packaging materials, it’s our job to support customers in choosing smart and sustainable materials. By making your materials more sustainable, you as a company take up your social responsibility. In addition, it is a great opportunity to distinguish yourself to your customers, using a new look and a well-founded story.

We strive to integrate the circular economy into all product lines. We see to it that our manufacturers want to join in the circular story. Furthermore, we focus tremendously on social impact. Did you know that we visit every manufacturer to check on their working conditions?

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shipping bags
3 ecological shipping bags to boost your green image

Due to the strong growth of online shops and online sales, the number of packages that need to be sent has increased significantly. To deliver your products in top condition to your customers, the right packaging is essential. Not only do you want the product to arrive undamaged, you also want your branding to reach the living room of your customers. But what do today's customers think of the packaging material used? And what sustainable materials are available today? Find out now.

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shopping bags
Investigated : the environmental impact of shopping bags

2019, the year single-used plastic bags were banned in Belgium. You know them, those little bags that you used to get at the checkout, usually printed with the logo of the store. If retailers still want to offer these bags today, and in some regions they are still allowed in others not, they have to charge their customers a small fee for them. The result? A lot of alternative carrier bags with an environmentally friendly look are coming on the market. But which carrier bag is the most environmentally friendly?

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stone paper bags
New in our product range : the stone paper bags!

Although plastic is still a popular material choice for carrier bags, authorities are encouraging everyone to offer environmentally friendly alternatives and limit plastic as much as possible. Do you value sustainability? Or do your customers appreciate that you follow the ecological path? Then the stone paper bags are a perfect solution.

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