No branch as diverse as the food sector, and there is a wide spectrum of label and packaging solutions. At Marisan we are committed to meeting this. And that is why we focus on what we can do really well: labels in all shapes and sizes, self-adhesive or not and service packaging for the RSS feed. Every product is tested, certified and traceable. That way you can rest assured that your product will reach the consumer safely and securely.

Labels for the food sector

We have been serving producers and retailers within the food sector for more than 25 years.
So, if you have a question, a label needs to stick stronger or not so strong, if you want high-performance label printers, or are you looking for affordable print heads for your label systems, then please come to us. Chances are we have what you are looking for.

We produce and distribute self-adhesive labels on roll and on sheet, slot labels and shelf labels. In combination with the right label printer and ditto software, we offer you a suitable solution for your production line or store.

Do you need a simple system that prints lot numbers and dates on your packaging? Then our labelers can be a very economical solution. And as a price tool, they have been doing their job for decades, so quickly adjusted a price or applied a promo label: our tongs are your loyal partner.

Labels for the food sector
Food packaging

Food packaging

Regarding food packaging, we specialize in two product groups.

On the one hand you can come to us for all possible bags and bags in which food can be packed. PE bags that are sealed afterwards, grip bags in mono materials or multi-layers and zipper bags.

On the other hand you have come to the right place for your shopping bags. That goes from the traditional carrier bags in at least 50mµ (Flanders and Brussels) or 60mµ (Wallonia), sustainable carrier bags in woven or non-woven material and the known paper carrier bags.

On the compostable carrier bags, blank and printed with environmentally friendly inks, we would like to make you extra attentive. These bags are the solution as a bio alternative to all previous ones!

Attachments for the meat industry

A very special application of our nylon pins is the use in the meat processing sector. The attachments are used, for example, to attach labels to the carcasses, or to indicate certain parts of the meat.

It is very important for food safety that the staples remain visible in the meat at all times. For that you use best in the grain colored nylon attachments.

Colored in the grain, because then they cannot give color to the product itself and they cannot absorb color from the meat itself.

Nylon pins, because they are much stronger than the PP version, and therefore do not carry the risk that they would break down in the meat.

The pins that you purchase from Marisan are certified for the FASFC by the BVI, which complies with the regulations. (see PDF attached).

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Attachments for the meat industry
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