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The focus is now entirely on ecological packaging. What if this would go hand in hand for you with shorter lead times on the packaging, lower costs and a better product experience for your consumer at the point of sale?

Marisan has been developing blister replacement packaging for 15 years that makes this combination. IndES is our code word.

But a packed product also needs to be labeled, and a label says so much about your product, brand and style, that this really deserves the attention it should receive.

Attachment systems

How are you going to replace those large plastic blisters in an efficient way? How do you ensure that your customer no longer needs scissors to cut the packaging around a new scissors?

Our Avery IndES blister replacement system is already one option! One or two super strong binding threads that firmly attach your product to a header card do the job here. The ecological impact per package can thus be reduced by more than 90%.

Marisan develops applications for both the small and flexible product ranges and for the large production batches, where several thousand pieces of one product must be packaged. The degree of automation varies from project to project and follows your specific needs.


Each product, whether it is packaged separately or ends up on a header card, must be labeled up to several times: The product itself, the outer packaging, the shipping boxes and pallets: each time a specific label for a specific purpose.

Thanks to our years of expertise, our team knows quite well which labels are suitable for what. Consider the choice of material, the adhesive power to be used, the printing, etc ... If the application or substrate on which we are going to stick is not really standard, then you can obtain our test material to find out which type of label works best in your specific situation.

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