TTR ribbons, printers and software

When we think of printing and processing labels, it is logical that the first focus is also there.
But of course it doesn't stop there. To achieve a correct and qualitative end product, we also need good:

  • Printers
  • Ink ribbons
  • Barcode software

It is only when our label forms an appropriate combination with these three indispensable elements that we achieve the right result. Take one element away, and your label pudding collapses.

Our Marisan team has more than 20 years of experience with all these products, so we are well placed to give you the right advice. We ensure that the forest and trees remain clearly recognizable.

Thermal transfer Printing ribbons: black is not just black

For the majority of all labels to be printed on a roll, you need to use thermal transfer ribbons. A ribbon is required for any application that requires long-term readability or where you want to print on special raw materials, such as laminates or plastic.
As each application uses a specific ribbon, Marisan offers you a whole range of product-specific TT ribbons. Each type of printer also has its own ribbon requirement. What works on one printer does not (necessarily) work on another type. There are flathead printers and near-edge printers, each with their own technology and requirements.
We have three basic groups within the various printing ribbons:

  • WAX

You notice that there is a lot involved in selecting the right ribbon. The shortest route to the right product is to ask a Marisan employee about which ribbon is suitable for your application, and we are happy to help you see the trees through the forest!
PS: You will also find your wash-resistant TTR ribbons for printing washcare labels. Both for falthead and for near-edge printers!

Thermal transfer Printing ribbons: black is not just black

At Marisan you will find the entire IIMAK TTR print ribbon range!

You can come to Marisan for the complete range of IIMAK TTR printing ribbons, for every application.
Whatever your application, within production, logistics, food, retail, etc ... there is always an IIMAk ribbon available that will meet the specific requirements.
The solution for your product label or packaging is just a mouse click away.

Discover the most common printing ribbons on the following page: IIMAK TTR product page

At Marisan you will find the entire IIMAK TTR print ribbon range!

Barcode printers

The next product from our mix is the label printer. The brands and types are almost endless.
It is important for Marisan to offer you a printer that meets both high quality requirements and the underlying service of the manufacturer. All this at an acceptable price!
The Toshiba printers deliver these elements, and therefore bear our preference.
In addition, you can also come to us for Zebra printers and Datamax-O'Neil solutions.
As a certified Toshiba dealer, we are happy to offer you all common Toshiba models. These are subdivided into specification into 3 groups:

  • Standard printers
  • Industrial printers
  • Mobile printers

We have the right product for every application in our printer range.
Feel free to ask our advice. We look at what you want to use your printer for, and together we come to the ideal device.

Barcode printers

Barcode software

Do you need a label software that allows you to design, adjust and print labels quickly and easily?
You will find the two leading package providers with us:

Seagull Scientific has been providing the market with the software package with star status for years: Bartender! This barcode software is available in 3 versions, made to the specific needs of the customer:

  • Professional
  • Automation
  • Enterprise

Each version brings its own functionalities, specifically adapted to the needs of your company.

Teklynx is the big counterpart of our Seagull friends, and also brings three packages to the market, here too, each package, or "brand" has specific functionalities:

  • Label Matrix
  • Label View
  • Codesoft

The choice between both providers has more to do with taste, style and custom than with large qualitative differences. The key thing is that you can find any solution at Marisan.

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