Coding systems: from labeling machines to price labels

As a manufacturer, logistician or retailer, do you want to apply a price, code, date or promotion to a product? It only takes a second! In almost every link of the logistic chain employees use our easy to operate coding systems. We have the right device for all manual price and/or code indications on any surface. This of all current brands: Printex, Smart, Open, Blitz, Jolly and Sato.

For the labels, there are two important elements to take into account. On the one hand, the right adhesive for the surface and environment of the application. Think removable, permanent, textile or freezer adhesion. On the other hand, the desired design of the labels. So you can opt for various colors or pre-printing or not with eg the company logo, lot number, shelf life, ... In retail it is very important that the labels are not re-glued from one product to another. Marisan has the perfect solution for this: the double security slit that divides the label into 3 separate parts. Once applied to the product, it cannot be stuck on another product unnoticed.

coding systems
Coding and pricing labelers
  • Data marking
  • Easy to operate
  • For all manual price and code indications
  • Fixed or removable clichés
  • Personalization such as logo possible
  • Specific number & letter combinations
coding labels
Coding labels
  • Permanent, removable or freezer glue
  • Different sizes and colors
  • Security slit possible

Work more efficiently with fixed and variable clichés

With our Printex labelers you can do just a little more than with other brands. On top of the known letter and number combinations, which you can set yourself, you can work with fixed and variable printing plates. The Z series of Printex works with rubber plates that allow you to further personalize your label. Think of your company logo, the brand of your product or any other word or symbol you want to put on the label!

On the fixed cliché band you can have up to 12 words placed which you then simply select, and apply to your product. With the easily removable and variable printing plates there is no limit to the number of available slots on the rubber band. Simply unclick a cliché, insert another one, and start coding.

User-friendly coding systems and accompanying labels