Medical sector

The medical world, laboratories, hospitals and pharmacy all need specific labels and packaging.

If you need specific ultra-thin labels for test tubes, patient labels for your kiosks or hermetically sealed packaging for shipping or storage, we are happy to be at your service.

With our combination of in-house production and fast supply lines, we are ideally placed to provide companies in the medical sector with the right product quickly and accurately. In addition, our storage capacity can be used to obtain on-demand labels and packaging.

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Labels for labs and medical applications

Safety and labeling are inextricably linked. Whether it is the correct labeling of test tubes, the printing of patient labels, or shipping labels for sending medical equipment, it is of the utmost importance that the label is properly attached to the product or packaging, so that the product passes through the entire process or trajectory remains traceable.

Marisan has a whole range of permanent and removable materials in its range, to meet your requirements. Whether it concerns paper labels or labels from plastic, you will find it with us.

If you need sequential labeling, we can also help you there. Labels with unique coding are our daily routine.

Labels for labs and medical applications

Bags and pouches with permanent adhesive strip

Small packages of medical equipment, dental prostheses and samples for analysis are all examples of products for which our certified shipping bags with permanent (or, if desired, resealable) adhesive strip are suitable. We can also provide these bags with an extra pouch in which the accompanying documents can be put.

If your mailer bag has to be provided with a second sealing strip, for easy return to sender after analysis of your medical sample, that is no problem.

We also see a growing demand from clinics and hospitals for this type of packaging, for example for the convenient and safe storage of patient clothing or other personal items.

Bags and pouches with permanent adhesive strip