Medical sector

Do you need specific ultra-thin labels for test tubes, patient labels for your kiosks or are you looking for hermetically sealed packaging for shipping or storage within your medical lab or hospital? Find out more about it below.

There is a lot to consider when choosing the right packaging material. Because of this, you need a partner who thinks along with you, and let that exactly be our core business. We do not only act as a supplier, but really work with you on a very personal level.

  • Receive the right product quickly and accurately thanks to our combination of in-house production and fast supply lines
  • Request labels and packaging on demand by making use of our storage capacity
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Labels for labs and medical applications

Safety and labeling are inextricably linked. Whether it is the correct labeling of test tubes, the printing of patient labels, or shipping labels for sending medical equipment, it is of the utmost importance that the label is properly attached to the product or packaging. This in such a way that the product remains traceable and legible throughout the entire process.

It is critical to ensure patient protection through correct identification. It is not always easy to choose the ideal label that is suitable for your product. We take the time to listen to your story. In this way, together we arrive at the appropriate label tailored to your application.

Labels for labs and medical applications

The appropriate packaging starts from your needs

The medical sector cannot function without the many products and materials made from plastics. Think of gloves, sterile syringes and packaging. Plastics are greatly appreciated for their flexible, multifunctional and protective properties. For example, plastic packaging helps protect all kinds of health products and medical materials against contamination and damage.

Keeping in mind both the classic and newer packaging solutions, it is not always easy to choose the ideal packaging for your specific need. At Marisan, we are happy to help you on your way.

The appropriate packaging starts from your needs

Together we search for the appropriate solution

Do you have a packaging issue for which you cannot find a solution? We are happy to sit down together with you to find the most suitable packaging for your situation. Contact us so we can listen to your story.