Plastic bags, covers and carrier bags

Plastic bags

With almost 30 years of experience, Marisan is an expert in developing and trading plastic bags in all possible plastics. We have in-house shipping bags, grip bags or transparent bags with a strip ... whatever you need.
In addition to our standard range, you can also address us for all possible customization. This way you can transport the largest or smallest products in the appropriate packaging bags. With respect for the strictest production and environmental standards, we always ensure consistent quality for our products, in collaboration with all our manufacturers.
Although plastic bags have been on the way back for several years because they are not considered the most environmentally friendly alternative, they remain indispensable in certain sectors and for specific applications. That is why we continue to offer this type of packaging.

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Online shipping bags

Are you looking for online shipping bags? Then there is a good chance Marisan has what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking for shipping bags in a mono material or in coex (bag composed of multiple layers), with one self-adhesive strip or a double with extra perforation, it's all possible.

We offer a wide range of standard shipping bags. Would you like to know more about this? In the document below, you can already find our different variants, each with their minimum order quantity. This way you can easily discover which variant suits you best!

There are hardly any restrictions regarding printing and finishing. We can print up to 8 colors and even a punched out handle to use the mail bag as a shopping bag is possible for the slightly larger volumes. Depending on the size, prints are possible from +/- 30,000 pieces.

We also see a substantial increase of use in the the medical sector, mainly in laboratories and hospitals. 

Do you have a question or request on this type of packaging, then just give us a call or shoot a mail, and our team will be on top of it.

Keep it healthy and safe!

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Online shipping bags

Wholesale of plastic bags: from grip bags to resealable bags

Our standard range of plastic bags includes:

  • Grip bags
  • Shopping bags
  • Cloting covers
  • Transparent bags with adhesive strip

The plastic bags are made from PE, PP (CPP and OPP), PVC, EVA, biodegradable bags or non-toxic PV. We also provide all possible finishes for both large and small plastic bags. Bottom and side folds, lush handles, punched-out handles, with self-adhesive flap with or without a hook and prints up to 8 colors. The choice is very extensive. Contact us for customized advice.

Wholesale of plastic bags: from grip bags to resealable bags

Advantages of plastic for your carrier bag

A plastic bag may not immediately seem the most ecological choice, but this classic packaging has many advantages. The most logical reason to opt for plastic is of course the price. It is simply the cheapest type of packaging on the market.
But it doesn't stop there. Whether you opt for large plastic bags or small resealable bags, all plastic bags are produced close to CO2 neutral. Moreover, due to their flexibility and supple structure, they often remain at number 1 for the packaging of specific items. And last but not least, virtually any printing is possible, as well as any finish.

Advantages of plastic for your carrier bag
An alternative to plastic bags?

An alternative to plastic bags?

Marisan responds to the wishes and needs of the market and is aware of the ecological story that lives today. That is why you can also come to us for ecological packaging as an alternative to the traditional plastic bags. For example, the paper carrier bags may be ideal for your product. Paper bags are available in various models, sizes and finishes. From low budget to affordable luxury variants!

We also offer a new product : the stone paper bags! You can find more information about this ecological, modern alternative here.

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