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A good relationship between you and your supplier cannot simply be reduced to purchasing some products. It is a road that you travel together, a connection that you build.

What creates added value for you as a customer? What helps you forward? That's what it's about.

Of course you want a good product at a good price. But what does that mean? It starts with a partner who tries to understand where your real needs lie and what the requirements are that your packaging must meet.

Once we know what you need, then on the one hand it is about seeing together which product is suitable, which logistical requirements are needed, the required speed of delivery, the lifespan of the product and the requirements that your market places on the whole picture, where your packaging is part of it.
On the other hand, it is just as much and actually more about the relationship of trust that we build together. Sometimes you also have a question that has nothing to do with our products, but with which we can help you further. Even then we want to be there for you.

Here you will find some of the projects that we have set up for clients. Where listening to what the customer needs was and is decisive.

biodegradable textile pins
Amsterdam urban vineyard Wijn van Bret uses biodegradable textile pins!

Why should a vineyard use textile pins? A question that raises many eyebrows. The link between a vineyard and textile pins may not be obvious, but these attachments have enormous added value. A perfect example of how our well-known products can be used in an original way.

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Skylla's quest for easily detachable labels

Skylla – a specialist in medical devices – approached Marisan to create an easily removable label. Skylla is a young and dynamic international company. Having their own production sites in Tunisia and Macedonia, they manufacture a wide range of medical devices for their customers.

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Hama logo
Hama ensures theft-safe products thanks to our security labels

Security labels are used worldwide by manufacturers and retailers to protect their products against theft. Hama specializes in accessories for consumer electronics such as accessories for computers, smartphones, TV, audio and so on. Since Hama clearly works with theft-sensitive products, it is important to display these in a safe manner in the stores. Curious how we achieve this?

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Need advice on a standard model, an out of the box concept, your complete packaging package or even packaging machines? We are happy to work with you to find exactly what you need. Thanks to our flexibility andknowledge of materials, we work on a one-on-one basis to propose the most suitable product or package, perfectly tailored to your product. By following the latest trends and legislation closely, we are your guarantee for accurate and up-to-date information, also for environmentally friendly packaging material.

shipping bags
3 ecological shipping bags to boost your green image

Due to the strong growth of online shops and online sales, the number of packages that need to be sent has increased significantly. To deliver your products in top condition to your customers, the right packaging is essential. Not only do you want the product to arrive undamaged, you also want your branding to reach the living room of your customers. But what do today's customers think of the packaging material used? And what sustainable materials are available today? Find out now.

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shopping bags
Investigated : the environmental impact of shopping bags

2019, the year single-used plastic bags were banned in Belgium. You know them, those little bags that you used to get at the checkout, usually printed with the logo of the store. If retailers still want to offer these bags today, and in some regions they are still allowed in others not, they have to charge their customers a small fee for them. The result? A lot of alternative carrier bags with an environmentally friendly look are coming on the market. But which carrier bag is the most environmentally friendly?

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thermisch printen
Thermal transfer vs direct thermal printing, what's the difference?

Do you no longer see the wood for the trees when it comes to thermal printing? Don't worry, we'll help you on your way. With most label printers you can choose between two printing techniques for printing your labels: thermal transfer and direct thermal. Although these two techniques are quite similar in terms of name, there is a noticeable difference in terms of technique.

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