Blank and printed adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes are used in every business, but each business has specific and different purposes for which they are used. Food companies, textile companies, logistics packers, companies in the chemical industry, they all use tape. But everyone has just that different application for which a tape is required.

At Marisan we can assist you in your choice and together select the product that ideally matches your packaging. These can be blank tapes as well as printed adhesive tapes to seal boxes, tape to seal containers in a food-safe manner, or to give a warning about the delicate contents of the packaging.

Printed tapes are also an ideal and low-cost means of highlighting your brand or company through the packaging! Every box or package that goes out the door, carries your logo and increases your brand awareness. It's that little self-adhesive finishing touch to your communication!

blank tape
tape dispenser

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