Avery Dennison System 1000, 9500 and SPU modules
ST 1000 and SPU applications

ST 1000 and SPU applications

Together with Avery Dennison, our team has been developing System 1000 and other SPU applications in a large number of different production and packaging domains for decades.

These multi-usable pneumatic modules allow us to apply the ideal attachment method in both semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines. Attach large rolls of textile to each other so that the production flow on your looms runs continuously, or draw a foil around it, once a roll has been completely wound up? Our SPUs know how to handle it.
An additional advantage of the ST1000 variant is that you work with 1000 attachments per module and per set, which means that you only have to load new pins very occasionally. This brings enormous efficiency gains.

SPU applications

The areas of application are almost endless:

  • broadloom carpet rolls
  • set of bath rugs
  • towels
  • hosiery 
  • microfiber cloths

We can offer you the right tool for every application.

SPU applications

RS 2


ST9500 module and ST9500+

Avery has recently launched an upgrade: the ST9500 +. This version of the ticket tagger has the additional feature that products up to 13 mm thick can now be processed with an adapted and slightly elastic attachment. Ideal for microfiber cloths! You can find the brochure at the bottom of this page.

The normal ST9500 remains the standard in the industry: the Avery Dennison Plastic Staple® fastening system, used in, among other things, the denim, jeans, microfibre cloths and lingerie sector.
The device, version ST9000, was once introduced as a model for innovation and quality. Now, after years of dedication by Avery to further perfecting the technology, the system has been taken to the next level with our Plastic Staple® ST9500 ™ mounting system.
Without foregoing in terms of speed and application flexibility, together with considerable cost savings, this system becomes a must for textile manufacturers who want to respond to the needs of demanding retailers and customers.

The ST9500 has no equal on the market due to the following functions:

  •     Cycle programmability (1,2,3 ... 10 or continuous)
  •     Variable adjustment of the operating speed
  •     Variable needle spacing (Range 8 mm - 12 mm)
  •     Stronger attachments
  •     Smart machine technology
  •     Power converter allows use in 120v or 220v
  •     50% less power consumption
  •     No coupling or solenoid
  •     Supply system without adjustment

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